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What is the difference between market rate and income qualified apartment rental properties?

A market-rate apartment community does not offer potential residents apartments at a reduced rate. Income qualified properties offer low-income families low rent or very low rent rate options based on federal median household income standards and as dictated by the LIHTC.

How do I qualify for affordable low-income housing?

CARE assists potential residents trying to qualify for housing assistance. Click here for more information.

How long does the income verification process take?

Typically, the housing assistance verification process takes 1-3 weeks.

At what age do I qualify for Senior Housing?

Our Senior apartment rental homes are designed for residents 55 years or older.

Can I visit the properties to take a tour?

Absolutely! You can tour individual properties online and personally visit our apartment communities. Our leasing staff looks forward to meeting you! Feel free to drop in anytime. To ensure prompt service, we recommend that you call ahead to schedule a tour or appointment.

What is an AMO?

An AMO is an Accredited Management Organization. The Institute for Real Estate Management grants AMO status to a select group of companies who consistently demonstrate professionalism, integrity, fiscal stability and a commitment to education in the property management industry. CARE has been an AMO certified company since 1974.